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So what's this all about?

We recently helped a couple of friends setup their Shopify Stores. Along the way we came to understand Shopify Store Owners as passionate individuals and first generation entrepreneurs. That's how our love for Shopify began.

Shopify is a great platform worth every dollar for the feature set it offers. However we noticed Shopify lacked a solid customer communication module. A simple event such as sending an email requires you to hardwire two apps together; one for collecting emails and the other for sending them. Existing communication apps were built for some other industry and shoved down Shopify. We decided to change that with Cart.Care - a rock solid customer communication platform built exclusively for Shopify.

Cart.Care is very tightly integrated into the Shopify platform. Setup is a breeze and best of all, it doesn't cost you an arm.

We are a distributed bunch of designers, full stack engineers and data scientists working from Singapore, India and USA. You bet we know a thing or two about what we are doing. For those of you who choose Cart.Care, we promise to make it the best ever side-kick for your Shopify Store.

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